Huye Mountain Natural Rwanda

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Coffee: Huye Mountain 

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1600 - 2300 masl

Processing: Natural

Location: Huye district, Southern Rwanda

Owner: David Rubanzangabo

Cup score: 86.25

Located on the slopes of Huye Mountain, this washing station processes coffees from 26 collecting stations in the surrounding area. Typically, a small holding in the district is just a quarter of a hectare in size, with around 200 trees. the yield is about 4 kg of cherry per tree, so each farm produces roughly 2 bags of coffee. 

David's drive for quality has brought around a big increase in prices for local farmers with lots placing in Cup of excellence competition.

The Huye mountain microlot  FSC #1752 has great balance. Expect dark chocolate, berry, lime and rum. Great natural.






Medium dark/Dark
Rich dark chocolate, berries, lime, rum

Suitable for:

Cafetiere Filter machine Espresso machine Hob percolator Aeropress

£2.95 per 100g