Gakuyu-ini Kenya

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coffee: Gakuyu-ini 

varietal: SL28, SL34, RUIRU11

ALTITUDE: 1600 - 1700

Processing: washed and sun dried

Owner: Gakuyu-ini Factory

location: Kirenyaga County, Kenya

Cup:  score 88

Rhubarb, blood orange, sherbet, pineapple, honey

Gakuyu-ini washing station is located in beautiful, fertile and forested part of Kenyan Highlands. It is surrounded by thousands of smallholders subsistence farmers who grow coffee as a cash crop alongside potatoes, bananas, mangoes, avocados and some livestock - usually a cow or two for dairy production and some chickens for eggs and meat. The average smallholding  is approximately 1700 masl, a factor which contributes to the fine flavor of the coffee. The growers have the advantage of deep and rich soils that were created from the ash of the extinct volcano - Mount Kenya.

This is a typical high altitude Kenyan with clean body, beautifully complex and well balanced.

Great cup if you like your coffees light and sparkly.



medium, light
bright, fruity, sparkly

Suitable for:

Cafetiere Filter machine Espresso machine Hob percolator Aeropress

£3.00 per 100g