Finca El Mirador

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Coffee:  Finca El Mirador

Varietal: Geisha, Colombia F8, San Bernardo

Processing: Washed/ double fermentation 

Altitude: 1900 - 2000 masl

Owner: William Vanegas largo

Location: Montalvo, Planadas, Tolima, Colombia

Cupping score: 86.75

This lot is part of our Colombian microlot selection. Grown in one of the most remote growing regions of Colombia, renowned for the production of its High-Altitude sustainably grown coffees selection.

Nougat, vanilla, roasted spices, chocolate, caramel. 

Will pour as lovely fruity shot as an espresso. Very close to Nuevo Bilbao.


medium to medium dark
juicy caramely chocolate

Suitable for:

Cafetiere Filter machine Espresso machine Hob percolator Aeropress

£2.95 per 100g