Burni Telong

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coffee: Burni Telong

varietal:  Tim Tim &  Caturra

processing: Giling Basah

altitude: 1300 - 1600 masl

Owner: cooperative owned

Location:   Karang Rejo District, Sumatra, Indonesia

Cup score:  84.25

     Indonesian coffees are an acquired taste. Some of our customers love them immediately, for others they are simply too much. Sumatrans have a unique flavor profile. Dark, rich, chocolatey  ( well just like some Central American coffees- nothing new there) but then they hit you with spices, tobacco  and earthy notes. 

Burni Telong is a classic Indonesian. Produced by farms from the slopes of Burni telong ('Fire Volcano') it has notes of dark chocolate with hints of nutmeg and grapeftuit. expect peaty highland whiskey finish.  All crammed in to a rich, heavy body.

You will never mistake Sumatran for any coffee from any other origin.

    Sumatran coffees are mainly produced via a unique semi-washed process (wet hulled) and is locally known as Giling Basah. In this process coffee  is picked, machine pulped ( on the farms ) and then partly sun dried. The parchment is then removed revealing a whitish colored, swollen green bean with water content around 35%. The drying complete the seed has turned to the dark green color unique to Sumatra.




Dark chocolate, nutmeg, grapefruit, peaty highland whiskey finish.

Suitable for:

Cafetiere Filter machine Espresso machine Hob percolator Aeropress

£2.95 per 100g