Our shops

135 St Michael’s Hill

We used to roast here in St. Mikes. In fact we started on a one kilo Probat. One Kilo! we moved on to the Ambex that sits in the corner like some kind of Wellesian time machine. Now everything is done in our dedicated roastery. Pop in and pick up a coffee-to-go or restock on Aeropress, Hario and Chemex filters. We are always keen to chat brewing times, dosing and profiles. We sell Hario, Bodum, Rhinoware gear; everything you need to brew the best.

We're open Monday–Friday 9am–5pm, (12–12.30pm closed for lunch). Someone once said that our lunch was very French, how very French of you, they said. But we are not French.

Saturday 10am–3pm. No lunch break.

Call us at 0117 929 9191 or 07718 498 346


26 Union Street, Broadmead

Opened in 2014, Union is deliciously small. It has everything St. Mikes has but in a smaller package. Perfect for out-of-towners in for the day, and as every Bristolian knows – Union street is the most beautiful street in Bristol.

Open Monday–Friday, 9am–5.30pm.

Saturday 11am–4.30 pm

Call us at 07718 498 346