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Blend your own coffee

Tano Ndogo AB

£2.95 per 100g

Product details

Suitable for:

Stovetop Filter Cafetiere

Varietal: SL28 & SL34

Processing: washed

Owner: Muuru family, Gitwe, Karatina Town, Nyeri, Kiambu county, Kenya

Cup score: 88.5

Tano Ndogo is newly formed farmers group, consisting of 3 brothers, who inherited the farm from their father in 2001 and two of their neighbours. Tano ndogo means "small five" in swahili.

When buing Kenyans we always take our time picking out the best. This one is exceptional. Full of tropical fruit, touch of rhubarb, passion fruit, sweet, light smooth body. Pleasure to drink.

Blending notes

Kenyans generally produce super sharp espressos. We prefer just 10% - 20% blended with darker roast ( BSCA#1 or El Borbllon) for the lift at the end of the shot.

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