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  • Wahana Longberry Microlot

    New crop Wahana longberry is back.

    This one you find either wierd or wonderful. No inbetween. Test yourself on it.

    Frank finds it wierd, I think it is wonderful. Mad but super tasty.


    Product details

    Suitable for:

    Stovetop Filter Cafetiere Espresso
    £2.95 per 100g
  • BSCA#1 Brazilian Speciality Coffee Association number 1 blend

    A sweet, rich low in acidity espresso it is a stalwart of both espresso drinkers and stovetop users. Having used this blend since we opened both we and our customers love it's depth of body and sweetness. As a stovetop it has a milk chocolate sweetness whilst as an espresso has a hazelnut nuttiness and buttery mouthfeel.

    Product details

    Suitable for:

    Stovetop Espresso
    £2.80 per 100g
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