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Blend your own coffee

A few words about blending

Cafetiere and filter coffees

All single estate coffees that we sell have distinct signature flavours. Each and every one will bring you unique taste experience. From our coffee portfolio you can choose medium roasts, light roasts, dark roasts, floral, fruity or sweet coffees....  That is why we do not think that there is any need to blend coffees for cafetiere or filter users.

Espresso and stove top coffees

Our espresso drinking customers found lots of fun and excitement creating their own custom blends tailored to their needs. In our shop in Bristol we have created lots of different experimental blends based on our customers’ wishes and preferences. Some like their espresso dark and sweet, some medium but with touch of nutty flavour, some like distinctly fruity ending to their shots. The possibilities are endless. However, there are some rules!

To help you create your special blend we recommend that:

  1. Use at least 50% of one of our espresso blends
  2. Use no more than 3 different coffees in your bend
  3. Of your light roast (floral or fruity) you should not use more than 10-20% ( if you drinking straight shots, use 10%, for americano you can go up to 20%, for stove top blends up to 35%  or more if taken with milk)

Here are some examples of blends that are popular with our customers:

  • 80% Brazilian espresso , 20% dark roast ( El Borbollon, El Bosque, or any other dark bourbon varietal) results in sweet, dark rich and chocolaty shot
  • 85% Brazilian espresso, 15% Kenya or other medium fruity ( Yirgacheffe (20%-25% is very popular) results in lovely dark espresso with just a little bit of fruity lift at the end of the shot which brings extra dimension into your Americano and cuts through milk in lattes to bring extra flavour.
  • 60%brazilian espresso,  40% dark roast  results in sweet medium dark espresso
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