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Blend your own coffee

For us, it is all about the cup of coffee you make at home. At the kitchen table is where we want to be judged, your pleasure is our business. To ensure your experience we insist upon quality, freshness and a fair deal for farmers.


Coffee is perishable, coffee is volatile.

Coffee only stays fresh for 7 days after roasting (Speciality Coffee association of America official definition of freshness).  Anything after that is considered stale coffee.

None of the coffees that we sell in our shop are older than two days after roasting- hence our name Twoday coffee roasters (these days we usually sell the coffees within the same day period).

We encourage our customers to buy only one week’s worth of coffee supply so that their last cup is as gorgeous as their first. That is why we offer you chance to buy as little as 100g of coffee so that those who only drink one cup a day (14g) do not have to put up with decreased quality cup at the end of their bag.

Needless to say this is not a 'big business' approach, it is very costly and labour intensive but it is the right thing to do.

No more excuses, no more stale coffee.

Cup Of Excellence & New crop

The cup of excellence is the most esteemed award given out for top coffees. These awards come from a strict competition that selects the very best coffee produced in that country for that particular year. These winning coffees are cupped at least five times by a select group of cuppers (tasters), given point scores and cupping notes. The lots are sold at online auction to members of the Cup Of Excellence who bid against each other for the lots they are interested in.  

Coffees of this exemplary quality are very rare and fetch very high prices. The coffee cherries are perfectly ripe, carefully picked and processed, have well developed body, aroma and have a lively sweetness that only extremely high quality coffees contain. They are a real pleasure to drink. We are members of the Cup Of Excellence which gives us the right to purchase these exceptional lots.

(To learn more about Cup Of Excellence please go to  )

Some people will tell you that green beans (the beans before they are roasted) can be kept for years. This is blatantly untrue and as we found to our cost and results in a faded, weak, inferior cup. Our beans are all ‘new crop’ meaning that they are all from the last harvest thus ensuring a complex, rich and delicious cup. This seasonality is in line with modern culinary thinking and engenders a great sense of anticipation as new crops roll in.

Apart from our espresso and a few origins we deal only in single estate coffees where the unique quality of the coffee is a direct reflection of the country, varietal, terroir and farmer. Such a product, by its nature, changes from year to year and that is part of the excitement of these unique coffees.


Our supplier’s policy is to reward fairly the grower for production of speciality grade coffee with prices substantially above the cost of production and substantially above the internal and external market price. In short we pay more than fair trade but only for quality, we believe this to be a key for sustainability.

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